Awareness and Virtual Intelligence (VI)

AWL recognises the importance of moving with the changing tide and being more sensitive to less business travel and creating alternative networking opportunities. We will therefore be offering a fully integrated App and a virtual platform alongside our physical lounge by 2021. Through an online membership we will provide a virtual platform that will broadcast events and provide networking opportunities via all our online platforms.

Physical events and Virtual Event Space

We intend to use Virtual Intelligence to be more accessible and provide alternative networking possibilities for our members. Virtual Event platform allows members around the world to not only interact with digital events, but also to attend and participate in physical events through their devices. Speakers, those who cannot attend a physical event, can go on stage in Virtual Reality, seeing the entire venue and experiencing a whole new way of interaction with the audience.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality

The platform will combine a directory of members with a function to network within the app; an event space where members can sign up and then attend remote events and join physical events, depending on the membership tier. Concierge and other features for top tier members will also be available.

Augmented Reality Experience and Social Media

Social media platforms are actively developing AR integration, currently allowed to use custom made AR effects in Live, which within the next few years will create great opportunities to boost and develop the AWL channels.