Social impact

We intend on making a positive social impact by heightening awareness on topics people may not fully understand and therefore poses a certain prejudiced or unconscious bias.


When it comes to awareness and making a real change – we feel there is too much talk and not enough action. We link initiatives and businesses that are willing to speak openly and embrace change.


We support uniqueness in business, tech innovation and infrastructure development in order to support sustainable progression.


We aim to inspire our partners and audience to contribute to lasting change as a result of being part of our global platform and community.

Added value

We add value through cross collaborations and partnerships. Giving our customers and stakeholders a platform, a voice, visibility and premium networking opportunities.


We are encouraging factual information from ethical individuals and responsible businesses.


Social change is very hard to measure, that’s why we commit to follow up on the topics we discuss and to publish a yearly progress report.

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