The Awareness Lounge is the brainchild of Cindy Sang and Janna Salokangas.

After attending the formidable World Economic Forum in Davos, Cindy and Janna felt that there was a distinct lack of lounges and panel discussions that were centered around real change. They wanted to provide a more dynamic space where more conscious individuals and companies were assisted in being more proactive.

We want to provide a warm friendly environment that is less streamlined and boring and more innovative and inspiring.

— Managing Director Cindy says

We want to create something fresh that you haven’t seen before by highlighting responsible initiatives through experiences and partnerships in new ways.

— Partnership and Creative Director Janna says

Cindy and Janna both feel that there is a gap in the market to offer a platform to more conscious companies.

We want to offer a space where the most dynamic and daring opinions can also be heard, whilst also offering a creative space for socialising and networking with cool like minded individuals”. 

With both Cindy and Janna’s past experience in events, hospitality and partnerships, it made perfect sense to come together to create a more proactive space for their existing entrepreneurial and philanthropic database as well as to welcome new inspiring companies and clientele.

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